2022 Reviews: The 5 Best Extension Cords

The Key Features

  • Available in orange and green
  • Available in lengths of 15-, 20, 50, 75, 75, and 100 feet
  • One outlet with three prongs
  • Supports up to 10 amps

What customers are saying

Customers loved the flexibility of the cord. They could bend it without it breaking or kinking, and the cord was easy to reach. Some customers were concerned about the heat of the cord and said that it could have caught fire if it was used again.

The Best Extension Cords For Outdoor Christmas Light
The Best Extension Cords For Outdoor Christmas Light

Cable Matters Extension Cord Heavy-Duty Cord is the Best Multi-Pack

This extension cord pack includes two cords with three-prong outlets. Customers can power small appliances in their homes using the two cords.

The Key Features

  • Available in white or black
  • Available in lengths of three, six, ten, and fifteen feet
  • One outlet with three prongs
  • 5 Best Extension Cords July 2018 BestReviews
    5 Best Extension Cords July 2018 BestReviews
  • Supports 13 amps

What customers are saying

Best for Outdoor Use: Southwire Outdoor Extension Cord

The flexible vinyl jacket protects the cord from sunlight, moisture, and abrasion. This makes it perfect for outdoor use. The blades are reinforced to prevent prongs from breaking or bending.

The Key Features

  • Available in yellow
  • Available in lengths of 50- and 100-foot
  • One outlet with three prongs
  • Supports 15 amps

What customers are saying

Ideal for multiple devices

The long power strip features 12 3-prong outlets, 3 USB ports and a power switch. This allows you to charge all your electronic devices using one product. The PowerIQ technology allows for a more efficient charge of USB devices and it is protected by a flame-retardant case.

The Key Features

  • Available in white
  • Available in 6-, 8-, and 10-foot lengths
  • There are 12 outlets with three prongs and three USB ports.
  • Supports 3.1 amps

What customers are saying

Best Outlet Protection: GE Three Outlet Power Strip

The GE indoor extension cord features two 2-prong outlets at the front and one on the back. All of them have covers that can be slipped over to prevent electrocution. This cord is only suitable for indoor use. It should not be used in moist areas such as your living room or office.

The Key Features

  • Available in black, brown, green, and white
  • Available in 6-, 9-, 12-, or 15-foot lengths
  • Three outlets with two prongs
  • Supports 13 amps

What customers are saying

Buying Guide

Before you buy an extension cord, consider the length of your cord and its amperage rating.

Numerous Outlets

Extension cords typically only have one outlet that can support a single device. An extension cord that supports multiple devices, such as the Anker Power Strip Surge Protector, can be used to plug them in.

Amperage Rating

An amperage rating is a rating that indicates how much power a power cord can handle. A higher rating means a stronger cord. While most extension cords can support 13 amps, some models such as the Southwire Outdoor Extension Cord are capable of supporting up to 15 amps.

Cord Length

You can have power cords as small as 6 feet or as long as 100ft. A cord less than 20 feet is sufficient if you are looking for an extension cord to charge indoor electronics. A cord 50 feet or more may be better if you are looking to power corded tools such as electric chainsaws.

Number of prongs

Most extension cords have three-prong outlets. However, some indoor models such as the GE Three-Outlet Power Strip can be used with two-prong outlets. A two-prong extension cable should be sufficient to charge a few devices. A three-prong extension cord is best for small appliances and tools such as electric drills. It tends to have an additional prong.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is the gauge of an extension cable?

An extension cord’s gauge refers to how large the conductors are. Extension cords with a smaller gauge of wire can carry large amounts electricity. 12-gauge cords, for example, can carry tool loads of between 10 and 15 amps. Outdoor extension cords are often of a smaller gauge to support heavy-duty machinery.

Can an extension cord be used to power my refrigerator

A heavy-duty extension cable can be used to power your refrigerator if it is not close enough to a wall outlet. An extension cord should have an amp rating that is equal to the refrigerator’s amperage. This will prevent fires.

What is a surge protector?

Surge protectors are devices found in many power strips. They protect devices from voltage spikes that can be caused by lightning strikes.

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