How to choose and use pruners

What is Anvil Pruner?

The way pruners cut is what gives them their name. The bypass pruners have their blades slightly ahead of each other. This allows them to be used in a way that bypasses one another. Anvil pruners have perfectly aligned blades that crush together when cut.

Anvil pruners are strong and can be used to cut bulk materials or dead wood because of their sharp cutting. It is important to avoid delicate pruning due to the fact that the sharp cut can cause tissue damage in live plants.

What is a Bypass Pruner and how do they work?

The bypass pruners can be used to make precise cuts and cut the tissue without causing any damage. Jenn suggests that you look for V’s and make the necessary cuts until the plant looks healthy and shaped.

How to Clean Pruners

Jenn suggests that you clean the pruners after pruning to prevent disease transmission. This is how to do it:

  • Mix three parts water with one part bleach in a small bowl. Then, swirl the pruners while keeping the blades exposed in the solution.
  • To prevent rusting, dry the blades.


Jenn prefers to use a pair ARS bypass pruning shears for pruning. Anvil pruners are faster for cutting down dead wood or bulkier materials where precision is not necessary. Jenn showed Jenn anvil pruners from Fiskars.

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Tools & Materials

  • Shears for bypass pruning

  • Anvil pruner

  • Bucket

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