What’s new in Summer, Tools for Your House

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1. Digs and cuts

The updated version of the traditional Japanese gardening knife features a 7-inch stainless steel blade. This is for planting bulbs, cutting roots and shearing stems. The blade has been finely honed with sharp serrations on one side and embedded in soft-grip, polymer handles with an ergonomic profile. The plastic sheath can be clipped to your belt.

2. High-speed whacker

This trimmer weighs 9.1 pounds and can spin at up to 6,200 rpm. It makes a wide 16-inch cutting area. The optional attachments can be attached to the shaft to make it a chainsaw or pruner, hedge trimmer or edger.

TOH Pro Tip

“Wide rings made of mulch around trees will prevent a string trimmer getting too close to the bark and scoring it.” –Jenn Nada, landscape contractor.

5 Must Have Tools In Your Home Garage South Bay Riders
5 Must Have Tools In Your Home Garage South Bay Riders

3. No key required

This waterproof, biometric model can be used to lock sheds and other outbuildings just like an ordinary padlock. However, it opens without the need for a key. You can use your smartphone, your fingerprint or tap in a code. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery and stainless steel shackle function at 149°F to -4°F.

4. Protects weathered wood

You like the natural look of wood siding, fences or railings as they age, but not the decay. This water-repellent, penetrating coating protects wood from rot and blackening. Wood will eventually weather to a uniform colour. Two coats can be applied to vertical surfaces by spraying or brushing. They last between four and six years. Clear or in 27 tints. Prices starting at $55 per gallon. Sansin

5. Find studs and more

This series uses new scanning technology to identify the edges, centers and direction of studs or joists. It also identifies metal and plastic pipes and alerts you to live wires. Zircon starting at $41

6. Zero Turns, zero Emissions

EGO Power+ Z6 Zero-Turn Riding Mower

This 42-inch mower has four 56-volt batteries. It can cut up to seven mph and can mow up two acres with one charge. You can add two additional batteries to make your lawn bigger. Recharges in 2 hours.

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